Wednesday, 18 October 2017

For the Really Windy Days

Polymer Clay Wind Chimes

I live on the Canadian prairies. Every stereotype of big, open, flat spaces is true. And it’s windy. On the best of days it’s a light breeze pushing perfect puffy clouds around in the famed Big … Read More...

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Tutorial: Skillet handle pot holder

See how to sew a potholder that fits around the handle of your skillet!  Cat from Mary Martha Mama has the tutorial. It’s a great and useful project to make from your scraps!  She shows how to make the pattern … Read More...

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A Super Sweet and Simple Bonnet for Baby

easy knit baby bonnetThis website is in French, but I looked at the Google translation and it looks pretty understandable.

Even if it weren’t, you would want to see this adorable knit baby bonnet from Les Aventures des Petit Pois.

The hat is …

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Kids Halloween Craft – Witches Cups


  • Use an xacto knife to cut the bottom out of the green paper cup. (adult needed for this step)

  • Turn the cup upside down on a piece of green cardstock and trace around the cup.

  • Cut the circle from


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Fall Inspired Grazing Plate

This Fall inspired grazing plate looks delicious. It’s amazing what foods taste good paired with cheese. I love the big corns for decorations too. You will notice their is lot’s of orange and dark colors on this grazing plate, which … Read More...

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7 DIY Unicorn Home Decor Crafts

Unicorns are real and apparently they make everything better. Well that is what we are led to believe but truth be told, what they actually are is CUTE! Unicorns are an escape from reality and majestic creature that is full … Read More...

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12 DIY Moonshine Recipes

Moonshine is the new “Cool drink” and the fact that it is usually served in a mason jar has a lot to do with it’s coolness. Moonshine can be distilled but the DIY way is to substitute the moonshine for … Read More...

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