Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to make a “love” wire cake topper

This bent wire “love” is so elegant and dainty. I bet it would look great on a big and a little one like in the photo. I bet it would look great even on a cupcake. Pop on over to … Read More...

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Free Crochet Pattern – Mrs Fox Toy

Waking up on Christmas morning as a child is so magical. Knowing the whole day will be filled with family fun and toys you’ve only dreamed about.

Some of my favorite gifts to make for the holiday season are children’s … Read More...

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How to Make Heart Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

A platter of heart strawberries is a healthy and sweet Valentine’s day treat! Perfect for class parties, preschool, or school lunches! These little hearts are quick to make and so yummy! See how to cut them here.Read More...

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Sewing tutorial: Scrapbusting fabric coasters

Sewing tutorial: Scrapbusting fabric coastersDo you save your tiniest fabric scraps as obsessively as I do?  I have bins full of them!  Here’s a fun idea to use them up.  Jen from Sew Fun shows how to sew them into fabric coasters she calls … Read More...

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Found-Object Snowman Craft

snowballs build a snowman project

This project is a few years old and it’s from my blog, but I still think it’s really cute and a fun activity for little ones.

The found-object snowman activity goes with the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert, but even … Read More...

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On Racism in the Knitting Community

If you follow many knitters on Instagram you have probably seen parts of the discussion of racism in the knitting/fiber arts community that was sparked by a blog post by Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co.

In “My Year of

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A Knit Bookmark for Those Who Love Reading

heart lace bookmark knitting patternThis sweet little heart bookmark from Tia Judy is worked in crochet cotton and would make a sweet Valentine’s Day gift (or an anytime gift) for a book lover.

It’s a really cute design and pretty easy, too. I love … Read More...

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