Saturday, 20 October 2018

Needle Felted Christmas Gnome

This Needle felting tutorial is for a little Nordic Christmas gnome. He is adorable all by himself or set to work and create a felted Gnome team. Check out the full tutorial here.Read More...

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Hand Embroidery Tutorial – Lavender

This Needlework tutorial shows you how to create Lavender flowers. This Embroidery tutorial can be used for hoops samples or other Embroidery projects. The tutorial shows you with step by step photos how to create this Embroidered flower by hand.… Read More...

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8 Amazingly Easy Tie Dye Tutorials

Tye Dye or Tie Dye is a fashion style that I hope NEVER goes out of fashion, why? It is so creative and random. I love how each tye dye project is unique, every process slightly different than the last. … Read More...

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Tutorial: Vintage thread cone candy corn

Tutorial: Vintage thread cone candy cornIt’s fairly easy to find old cones of thread at estate sales and flea markets.  The old spools and cones are charming, but they’re no good for sewing.  There’s a good chance the thread is rotten.  But that’s no reason … Read More...

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Does it Belong in Nature?

trash nature scavenger hunt

Fall is the perfect time for nature walks, and while there are lots of nature scavenger hunt ideas out there, one thing that’s not always on the list, but which you’re likely to find, is garbage.

I love the approach …

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Essential Oils That Are An Aphrodisiac



All of these essential oils are well known for their aphrodisiac qualities. How you use them is up to you. You can use an essential oil diffuser, add the oils to handmade candles or apply them to your … Read More...

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Free Printable – Funny Santa Christmas Card

Santa has been watching your Instagram. A very funny Christmas card idea for teenagers or any social media addict. This Christmas printable is free and will give everyone a joyful laugh.  Simply download and print the card on cardstock or … Read More...

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